"Downshifts Are Not Demotions"

There are lives that may not move unless YOU shift them in the spirit.  Please know that your labor, love and prayers are not in vain.  Something is moving right now, hearts changing right now, because you purposed to SHIFT and you embraced the SHIFTS that God has ordained for your life!  


"Get Back Up"

Would you believe that prescribed within your life is the framework for a REVOLUTION?  The change that you seek hides within your ability to find UTILITY amidst life's circumstances.  Learning to demand more from yourself and less from the resources provided by your environment will endow you with the ability to build roads to new horizons for both yourself and your neighbors.  



"Sovereign God, Perfect Accountant"

YOU MUST SEE GOD AS SOVEREIGN IN YOUR LIFE!  You can’t see Him as being weaker than the things that have been trying to weaken you.  God subdues and is not subjected.  Everything in your life has been BUDGETED FOR.  He makes you look ‘in person’ what you were not 'on paper.'  You'll never look at a calculator the same again. SOVEREIGN!

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