Sovereign God - All Things Work Together Pt. 2/3

From LA to L.A. - that's how it all began. I was born in the country (Louisiana) but I was raised in the city (Los Angeles). So, in essence, I'm a country-city boy. I enjoy the hustle of the city but the hush of a quiet, dark country road. Crowds or crickets - I can do them both. But, like most folks from LA, I have a natural love for seafood. More specifically, I love GUMBO! Now, many who make gumbo have a style or twist of their own with respect to seasoning or flavor. Some like a little more of this and some like a little less of that. But, what's common across the board about a typical gumbo dish is that it's full of stock; meaning, it's got a little bit of everything in it. That "little bit of everything" in gumbo is exactly what brings satisfaction to my palate. I've learned to appreciate the variety of ingredients. I've learned that no matter how the ingredients look going in or when being mixed or stirred together, that the dish's end result would be exactly what I needed. Hence, as strange as it may seem, when I think of gumbo, I think of Romans 8:28. I guess it's the Preacher in me; invisible things of Him made known by the visible. I know you're saying, "Gumbo and God??" Let me explain.

God's word says, "All Things will work together for good to those who love God; to those who are the called according to His purpose." With that statement, God is not just speaking to our past and our present, but our future as well. In fact, He is speaking to ALL (thing or individual)....that is connected to Y-O-U. So, as an example, if it applies to me, it applies to my spouse. If it applies to my spouse, it applies to my children. If it applies to my children, it applies to my children's children. If it applies to my goals......., so forth and so forth. His purpose for your life always propels you forward!

Think about it. He is the CEO of the universe, Chief Eternal Officer. The CEO of the universe is your personal CEO. He knows the operations of your life. He knows your ins and outs, ups and downs. He knows the good inside of you. He KNOWS how to get 'good' out of you. He knows how to get 'GREAT' out of you. HE KNOWS YOU! From your head to your toes, He knows your composition, and He knows the composition of your life. Selah. Remember, you don't surprise Him but a life with Him is full of surprises.

In fact, if you are honest and will admit it, YOU were surprised by YOU. You underestimated what you were capable of doing, negative and positive. But God never underestimates the expectations of your life. In many respects, we are walking out those expectations. We're walking towards something called "purpose and destiny" that He has already ordained. That's a wonderful thing. His ordered steps are also ordained steps. It's intentional. Frankly, we're playing catch up. We are moving toward in time what God has already resolved in eternity.

So help me preach this! GUMBO - the manner in which God processes your life. GUMBO - the valley and mountain top experiences. GUMBO - the things that you THOUGHT would take you out. GUMBO - the person you THOUGHT you couldn't live without. GUMBO - critics and compliments. GUMBO - hated and loved. GUMBO - the things God through His infinite wisdom leverages to bring you to an expected, glorious end.

Excuse my language but, "I Love Me Some GUMBO Wodie!" And I trust that YOU love the God that specializes in taking the "all things" in your life and working those things to your good! It's GUMBO, but it's also GOD. He knows the recipe for a satisfying life. YOU ARE GREAT STOCK! Believe it, expect it!!

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