Sovereign God - The Perfect Accountant Pt. 1/3

One of the things I've come to learn over the course of my life is that no matter how surprising life may be, God is still sovereign. I've come to learn that He is methodical, strategic, calculative, intricate. He knows the sub total and sum total of my life. He says things like, "I know the plans that I have for you...." and then tells you that the end result is an expected end result (Jeremiah 29:11). Or He says, "My thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My ways...." as if to remind us that His sovereignty beats our scheduling on any day (Isaiah 55:8). He refers to His own planning as "wonderful and magnificent" because He is the ALMIGHTY and sovereign God (Isaiah 28:29). And He even promises us a peek into His omniscience by stating, "Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7 NIV). Therefore, since He knows the way that I take (Job 23:10) and He knows my end from my beginning (Isaiah 46:10), NOTHING ABOUT ME NOR YOU SURPRISES GOD!!

If you take the time to ponder this thought you'd find it to be a very liberating statement. The fact that God is not reactive to your tragedy nor your triumph. The fact that things He has allowed in your life have already been considered. People are surprised by the things you do or have done. People are taken off guard by your storms as well as your successes. But God is not surprised. God acts! He is not reactive.

Sure, from the outside looking in, it appears He is reactive, for we often make the mistake of limiting God to time. We often make the mistake of believing that He thinks as we do, plans as we do and that His ways are identical to our ways. We ignore the hint that He gives when He says, "Be anxious for nothing." Anxiety is a FAITH KILLER! Oh if we would see God's eminence over what's seemingly imminent. If 'tomorrow or the unexpected' from our viewpoint were God's challenge, He has the capacity to handle both; all at one time. YET, He gives you and I the capacity we need to handle the peaks and valleys of TODAY ALONE! Truth be told, if you have a hard time seeing Him sovereign over today, you'd have a hard time seeing Him sovereign over tomorrow.

But that doesn't have to be your mindset. That doesn't have to be the conclusion of the matter. Every single day He gives us is a day governed by His sovereignty. Sure, we all make choices but there's a peace that comes knowing you've endeavored to make right choices under the covering of a righteous God. Just as you've calculated your hour understand He's calculated your day. As you've calculated your day, He's calculated your week. As you've calculated your week, He's calculated your month. Remember, He has promised an expected end, so He's never calculated behind your calculation. He's settled what you're calculating. He knows the sub total and the sum total. He knows how it all balances out. He's considered the budget criteria for your life; the plus and minus that makes Y-O-U.......YOU.

I view budgets differently than most. While some view budgets solely as restriction, I see release. While some view budgets as binding, I see healthy boundaries. While some see don't, I see do. While some see unrealistic, I see reality. No surprises; just like God's sovereignty. His sovereignty mitigates all surprises. He lessens, weakens, alleviates, reduces the agitations of my life because He's already taken into consideration those agitations. This is why He can say "All things work together for the good....." (Romans 8:28). My good specifically. His omniscience equates to His sovereignty and both equate to my benefit.

All that you've experienced and will experience has already been budgeted for. Your pain, budgeted for; your triumph, budgeted for; your bad choices and silly mistakes, budgeted for. Even your ENEMY, budgeted for. God is The Perfect Accountant ensuring through divine management of your life that your assets will outweigh your liabilities, and He'll leave you with substantial, perpetual equity for the generations to come.

CHECK THE BOOKS!!! You'll find that God was always in the details. You'll find that God was always with you while your life was seemingly out of balance. That's because His love which can be experienced but never satisfactorily quantified was always a part of the formula. It's His love that makes you look in person who you were not on paper. He is The Perfect Accountant.

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