My Baby's Daddy - The Promise Pt. 3/3

So we began this trilogy of blogs with a question and will now end this trilogy with the answer. We used metaphorically the life of Mary and Joseph as a backdrop for describing that GREAT DREAM that God has placed inside of you and is birthing through you. We've described the setting and all that comes with it from critics to compliments; from haters to lovers; from believers to doubters. All that comes with carrying something grandly created from a grand Creator. Whether it's a dream or vision or goal, My Baby's (Dream's) Daddy is God!

That's right - GOD! Who's your baby's (dream's) daddy? While it's common place to take the credit solely for what one's produced, the reality is God conceives in us the dreams that we carry on the inside. I delight myself in Him. I find pleasure in Him, joy in Him, enchantment in Him. I relish in the fact that He is my God and He has conceived this GREAT THING inside me. Because I've delighted myself in Him, He has given me the desires of my heart. Be honest; you've always wanted to do something great. You've always wanted to leave your mark in the earth. You've always wanted to be counted in the number. That desire comes from Him. GREAT births GREATNESS! It's in your GNA; your genetic code is GREATNESS!

Now, let's make it even more personal. Like Mary, I've found favor with Him. YOU'VE found favor with Him. In fact, it's a 'high favor' to be more specific. Meaning, it's distinguished and eminent. It's extraordinary. It's excessive. Your experience with Him is never a cheap thrill! Frankly, the favor in your life is unmerited, but through intimate relationship with Him, it is rightful. What an oxymoron! What makes the unmerited favor in your life rightful is that it comes FROM HIM. Through relationship with Him, you are HIGHLY favored! In fact, if your favor had a pitch it would be falsetto!

He loves you to such a degree that He deposited something on the inside of you that He believes will yield a special return. Do you believe it? He doesn't just meet us at the point of conception. He also equips us with the ability, tenacity, patience and faith to trust Him for delivery or birthing of the dream. Deliver - a simple word with such an powerful connotation. It implies promise, provision, release, transfer, liberation and even rescue. Have you considered that the dream you're carrying might bring someone release, freedom, liberation or even provision? Have you considered its impact on YOUR HOUSE? Have you considered its cross-generational effect? You DO KNOW we often carry and deliver in the 'now' what will ultimately leave impact in the future. So it was with Mary and by faith, so it is with you.

What a privilege, what a promise. This promise can't be birth or delivered without Him. This is why I can't take credit for the manifestation of the dream I'm carrying. Like Mary, I'm 'virgin' to this! No one else touched me or manipulated this pregnancy; this conception of this GREAT thing. I freely yielded myself to Him. I delighted myself in Him. This was not a one night stand but a special visitation from God!

It's a wonderful thing to see what was apparently a problem evolve into a promise. Problems are labeled abnormal. Our interpretation of abnormal is sometimes flawed. What's abnormal to us might be normal to God. I'd take God's abnormal over man's normal any day. Selah. Spirit never conceives the way flesh does; so yes, your dream is abnormal. It's without prediction because it's a promise. Men predict but God promises. Man's forecasts, calculated or speculated, even man's foretelling, is always subject to the sovereignty of God's promised word. It's not the other way around. God speaks, and it

Imagine had you'd given up on the dream. Don't give up on the dream. God didn't give up on you. If He didn't give up on you, He didn't give up on the dream inside of you. Imagine had you succumb to your critics. Imagine had you stopped doing YOU. Imagine if you'd stayed stuck on the problem and never moved into promise. Imagine if you couldn't see normal in ab-normal.

By the way, the place of conception might differ from the place of delivery (visualize it). If Mary and Joseph were here, they'd testify. But by faith, delivery is inevitable, and once delivered, you and your dream will SHINE. AND, as with Mary and Joseph, some may try to put your dream to flight, but even still, the dream (promise) will be fulfilled. I hear the Lord saying, "In the fullness of time....." I won't touch that right now. We'll blog-check that one for later!

GOD MAKES GOOD ON HIS PROMISES! Your dream is a promise from God. There is a timeline for it's manifestation. I don't know what trimester of life you're currently in but have faith in God and know that He delivers!!! To every DREAMER, you will birth the GREAT dream that you're carrying. When it's birthed, it will look like Him! It's not illegitimate. It's for a legitimate purpose. It's not premature, it's promised. You didn't plan it but He did ordain it. It's His GNA. It's His imprint. It's your dream and He's the Daddy! And, DADDY always delivers! My Baby's Daddy always makes good on His promises!!

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