My Baby's Daddy - The Problem Pt. 2/3

WHOSE BABY IS THIS ANYWAY? We see an example in God's word with Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the man she was espoused to, Joseph. This was Mary and Joseph's si-ti-ation ("si-chee-a-shon" - how it's pronounced when you KNOW there will be drama and gossip surrounding your problem). Mary was pregnant with a baby that Joseph didn't father. Mary had a promise. Mary was pregnant with a baby that Joseph couldn't identify. But wait, Joseph was the ONLY man in her life. In fact, Joseph HAD put a ring on it. The problem was that Mary was carrying something that Joseph had nothing to do with. The problem was that Mary was about to give birth and Joseph felt he had to "put her AND HER BABY (DREAM) away...privately." Why? Because Joseph was man enough to be progenitor but not God enough to be Creator!

But it's difficult trying to put away what's seemingly a problem destined to be public. Hidden things are inevitably revealed. No matter how much Joseph pondered and premeditated his attempt to 'hide what was hidden' it only became more apparent that it would be revealed. So it is with dreams - with things that are GREAT on the inside of you. The reality is dreams SHINE. And sometimes unbelievers - that is, people who don't believe in you OR what you're carrying - can't handle the radiance of God's goodness in your life. They'd rather turn you down than see you TURNED UP!! They'd rather dim you than celebrate you. People put on 'shade' when what's before them is too bright! Your dream - what you're carrying - is a reminder that the SON-shine is still bright. And though they're wearing (casting) shades, you know they're still looking from behind the hidden lenses. Eye movement...rolled or out of the corner (just sayin').

Has anyone ever tried to put you away? Has anyone ever tried to put YOU and YOUR DREAM away? Have they tried through criticism? Have they tried through slander? Have they tried through doubt and fueling of unbelief in what YOU believe? Has even enemies come together to fight what is stirring inside of you? Truth be told, many try to put away privately what God intended publicly. For such people, it's the discomfort of seeing something conceived, developed and birthed beyond their control. They refuse to give credit for what they can't take credit for...especially when the dream is GREAT. It's anxiety; the embarrassment (Joseph or whomever it applies) of seeing something GREAT manifest, and they're connected to it through relationship, but they weren't responsible for it through conception.

You know the saying, "whatever is done in the dark will come to the light." I believe whatever is destined will come to the light. So it is with conception. Conception and development often occur in hidden places. It often happens different from what we expected or planned. But understand that promised dreams are destined dreams. Paternally, the dream destined in you has a name. Paternally, your dream's DNA link is lined with purpose. Paternally, the dream in you is a promised dream. THIS dream has been protected, nourished and fed by you. You've cried over it and prayed over it. YOU KNOW what's inside you is special. YOU KNOW what you're carrying is special. YOU KNOW what you're carrying is a game-changer. It's a promise. It's unique. It's wonderfully made. It's a promise and GOD always makes good on HIS promises. That's right....GOD!! WHO'S YOUR BABY'S DADDY??????

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