My Baby's Daddy - The Paternity Test Pt. 1/3

WHOSE BABY IS THIS ANYWAY? That's a question which can have a myriad of connotations, negative or positive. Just the inquiry alone brings about controversy. Think about it in contemporary terms. How was the baby fathered? What was the setting? What was the backdrop; the history? When did it happen? Was it planned? Was I prepared? And why him? You're certain that you're pregnant. BUT, are you sure this baby belongs to....him? It's as though identity has remained aloof. It's difficult to name or claim what you can't identify!

Reality TV is big on this subject matter. Cultural stereotypes? Yes, there's truth to that. But as you and I both know, ratings have no respect to persons. You don't believe me? Check out your local fast food spots. Even spotted cows will boost ratings and sales! Take networks and ratings as an example. They dedicate entire shows to the controversy surrounding parental rights. Television makes sport of it. Frankly, as predictable as it is, our society loves the entertainment. Let's be real; mostly if not all have been guilty of the voyeurism of Reality TV...which often is not truly reality. I'll never forget a commercial of a suspected father pop-locking (e.g., break dance, old school hip hop) in celebration of the fact that he was NOT the baby's father.

Now, let's take license with the aforementioned scenario metaphorically using Matthew 1:18-25. What do you do when the person you are engaged to, the one you're closest to, does not believe that what you're carrying is connected to them, and they're right? What do you do when earthly progeny does not match spiritual identity? More specifically, what do you do when the baby that you're carrying is actually-------a dream? Dreams weren't meant to be tangible....right? They were meant to be limited to thoughts, images or sensations while you're asleep, not reality....right? They were meant to be sensations not manifestations....right?

But I want to encourage you by stating that your situation is different. And in many cases, different is not bad it's just different. That there are instances when confusion and controversy serve as midwives to purpose. That there's something different about this baby - this DREAM you're carrying. You're pregnant FOR REAL!!! Externally, it can't be denied. The signs are there. It existed before it became evident. Just because it's hidden doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Shadows are an indication of a present reality!

Your cravings are heightened...and different. The mere thought of your dream sends you to places mentally, emotionally and even spiritually that you've never gone before. Your size has changed because THIS DREAM IS BIG! I mean, it's BIG in your eyes even though some can't see it. Selah. It's taking shape, and as it takes shape it shapes you. It's taking form, and as it takes form it forms you. You're careful of how you eat and what you take in because when you eat it eats; when you drink, it drinks. It's interesting how what you're carrying internally influences how you carry yourself externally.

This baby (DREAM) is nourished off what you feed it. So, how you hear and how you speak effects how it hears and how it speaks. You can't sleep at night - because this dream refuses to slumber; it prefers to kick!! And each time it kicks, it's a reminder that it's living, and its anticipation of getting OUT matches your expectation of it coming out. You're carrying...and e'rybody will know you're carrying; haters and lovers. But, paternally, we come back to the question we began with, "WHOSE BABY IS THIS ANYWAY?"

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