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So we began this trilogy of blogs with a question and will now end this trilogy with the answer.  We used metaphorically the life of Mary and Joseph as a backdrop for describing that GREAT DREAM that God has placed inside of you and is birthing through you.  We've described the setting and all that comes with it from critics to compliments; from haters to lovers; from believers to doubters.  All that comes with carrying something grandly created from a grand Creator.  Whether it's a dream or vision or goal, My Baby's (Dream's) Daddy is God!  

That's right - GOD!  Who's your baby's (dream's) daddy?  While it's common place to take the credit solely for what one's produced, the reality is God conceives in us the dreams that we carry on the inside.  I delight myself in Him.  I find pleasure in Him, joy in Him, enchantment in Him.  I relish in the fact that He...

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400 Years of Wounds, 400 Years of Bleeding

June 26, 2020

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