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Some medical professionals will tell you that there are 4 stages to wound healing: 1) bleeding, 2) scabbing, 3) rebuilding and 4) strengthening.  Metaphorically, I liken the aforementioned stages to perhaps what will be required to truly heal and eradicate the systemic, racial injustice, oppression, inequity and inequality that has scarred our country, and wounded African Americans for 400+ years.

The problem is that the wounds inflicted aren't just physiological, but they are psychological, economic, political, emotional, educational and even generational.  Wounds that have crippled a people and crippled the progress of that same people.  The assessment of the injuries to African Americans with respect to racial discrimination is so complex that it's hard to describe in simple terms.  Sometimes one feels that even the most detailed description of such systemic atrocities is an understatement.  Atrocities...

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400 Years of Wounds, 400 Years of Bleeding

June 26, 2020

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